Dr. Holland Speaking at ASCRS

Reaching Those in Need

The Foundation will fund additional locations, training and support for those who can’t afford treatment. Initial COE’s are envisioned in selected cities and regions of the country – Southern California, Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts and New York.

The Holland Center for Sight Restoration has been approved by The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501c3 nonprofit tax-exempt private charity.

The Holland Foundation for the Restoration of Sight Will:

  • Provide support and clinical care for patients with severe ocular surface disease throughout the nation.
  • Increase access to Ocular Surface Transplantation and the necessary follow up care to restore sight to those in need.
  • Educate clinicians on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with severe ocular surface disease.
  • Train clinicians on how to build a regional Ocular Surface Transplantation Center and create the infrastructure needed to perform the Ocular Surface Transplantation surgery and the necessary follow up care for successful long-term prognosis.

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