Centers of Excellence

To ensure that patients around the nation have access to Dr. Ed Holland’s expertise and procedures, the Foundation is working to launch up to six Centers of Excellence (COEs) throughout the country specializing in sight restoration procedures. Each will be in proximity to existing networks of nephrologists/specialists.

The charitable foundation will fund additional locations, training and support for those who can’t afford treatment. Initial COEs are envisioned in selected cities and regions of the country – Southern California, Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts, and New York.

Ultimately, the Foundation will provide “tool kits” to physicians across the country to implement the protocols and approach that Dr. Holland and his team have created in Cincinnati.

Dr. Holland Performing Surgery

“We have the opportunity with Dr. Holland and his protocols, and the few other doctors across the country who utilize them, to really make a difference and give the gift of sight to these patients. I challenged Dr. Holland to make a difference, so we developed a team, a board of directors and a foundation that will take this ball and run with it.”

Robert J. Dempsey, Chairman of the Board of The Holland Foundation for Sight Restoration.

The Cincinnati Procedure

Training in Dr. Holland’s unique protocols of ocular surface transplantation – known as “The Cincinnati Procedure” – will be provided to physicians and staff at each of the Foundation’s Centers of Excellence.

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